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Al-Kindi Fellowship

What is the Al-Kindi Fellowship?

A Fellow is the highest grade of Al-Kindi membership for which you can apply.

The Al-Kindi Fellowship recognises the high level of experience, knowledge and ability you have attained during your career which positively affects how your peers, employer and clients perceive you.  Our fellows are respected professionals who come from a wide range of engineering backgrounds.  It is a distinction reserved for members whose extraordinary accomplishments in any engineering field are deemed fitting of this prestigious membership grade elevation. Above all, Fellowship confirms your status as an engineer who is committed to Sustainable Development and Societal benefit through engineering best practices.

Candidates are generally expected to have a minimum of ten years of demonstrable professional technical, scientific, engineering or leadership experience.  Additionally, All Fellows are expected to fully embrace the codes of conduct and ethical obligations of the profession and have contributed to Al-Kindi Society’s (or other engineering institutions) voluntary outreach activities over the last three years.

The goal of the Fellowship programme is to acknowledge the high level of achievement of engineers and other scientists through leadership, influence, senior responsibility, innovations and professional service.

Your application is peer assessed and, as a candidate, you’ll need to provide evidence of meeting both the Al-Kindi expectation for Fellows as well as demonstrating that you fulfil criteria 1 and 2 set out below and in either criteria 3a for professional engineers or 3b for academics and researchers.

Your application will be enhanced by including evidence of appropriate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities over the past three years by means of a separate log, alongside a commitment to undertake CPD .

Applications will be welcomed by those from a wide range of technical, engineering, scientific and academic backgrounds or contexts.

The following criteria are adopted for Al-Kindi Fellowship nomination:

 Criteria 1:  Repute and Conduct
Summary:  Public recognition of good character and standing
 Criteria 2:   Professional Service and Public Outreach
Summary:  Outstanding service on national and international professional engineering, or scientific organisations / bodies.
 Criteria 3a:   Engineering and Operational Leadership
Summary:  Operational leadership responsibility for significant programmes, activities and resources within an organisation (commercial, industrial, government, military or academic).  
Candidates who meet this criteria are typically working as Senior Directors, Consultants, Business Managers, Technical Specialists or Subject Area Experts for a period of 5 years or more.
 Criteria 3b: Research, Innovation and Creative Leadership
Summary:  Innovation and original research resulting in international recognition and demonstrable academic leadership responsibilities.   Candidates who meet these criteria are academics, lecturers and senior research and development engineers who hold a PhD plus more than 2 years of academic teaching and / or research experience.

Please request a membership form by email .