About Us

Al-Kindi Society is a learned society, with the charitable aims of advancing the education and arts in the fields of science, engineering and technology and their utilisation for a more sustainable world.

Our mission is to inspire, inform and encourage the community to take up education and careers in science, engineering & technology related fields.

Our activities include:

  • Arranging scientific conferences and seminars,
  • Developing outreach programmes to the youth,
  • Mentoring and coaching programme for young aspiring engineers
  • Publication of regular e-newsletter and magazine, to share knowledge and technology innovation
  • Empower engineers to adopt best practices for sustainable engineering.

Al-Kindi was founded in 1994, and was operating as an unincorporated association until 2014. In June 2014, Al-Kindi was incorporated as a not for profit Company limited by guarantee in England and Wales. Company number (09081988).

Full details about Al-Kindi’s statutory filing can be found at the Companies House website.

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