Women in Engineering (WIE)

The Al-Kindi Society’ Women in Engineering (WIE) is established to be the primary task force of members and volunteers dedicated to promoting more women into engineering careers as well as inspiring girls to follow their academic interests in Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics (STEM).

Al-Kindi Society’s WIE group aspires to be the primary professional network for Iraqi women engineers, scientists and technologists. It shall strive to :

  • Advocate for women in leadership roles in Al-Kindi Society governance.
  • Organise workshops and networking opportunities that promote increased women membership in the Al-Kindi Society.
  • Recognise the outstanding achievements of women in Engineering through dedicated Al-Kindi Awards nominations.
  • Facilitate the development of programmes and activities that promote the entry into, and retention of, women into the engineering profession.
  • Support with mentoring and career progression guidance for women working in the engineering profession.

Al-Kindi Society of Engineers welcomes expressions of interest from its members and volunteers wishing to supporting this initiative and be part of the Al-Kindi WIE committee.